Large Black Cauldron Pot And 6 Mini Black Cauldrons




WE LOVE GOLD STUFF! Here at WellPackBox we searched the world for everything at the end of the rainbow!
UNRIVALED VERSATILITY: Use your cauldrons and coins for many things including but not limited to Halloween parties, candy bucket, candy kettle, or even a Harry Potter party.
TREASURE SET: A rainbow is never complete with a pot of gold at the end of it. With new experiences and relationships through thrilling adventure, it is time to be free-spirited and courageous in the physical world, simply by finding a rainbow and trying to find the end of it.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL: We made it our mission to value the manufacturing of our cauldrons. All of our cauldrons are enhanced and processed with precision to give people a beautiful and durable finished product.
INCLUDES: 1 large 8” tall 6” round durable plastic cauldron and 6 mini 3” tall 2.5” round cauldrons with 420 plastic gold coins that would be perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day party or Halloween event.


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