How to Play Halloween Bingo

What You’ll Need…

  • One bingo card per player
  • One of those lovely plastic pumpkins, to draw words from or for some serious spooky fun, check out this smoking cauldron.
  • one person willing to call words
  • Tokens to mark words — pennies, popcorn kernels, or counter chips work well. Or to add to the festivities, check out our store for Halloween-themed card cover ideas.

How To Make Halloween Bingo Cards

I’m sort of the Internet’s expert on the subject of weird and wacky bingo games you could play. Simply click on on a premade cards and the work is done for you. Or create your own. Either way, card creation will only take minutes but the fun will last.Once created, your basic cards will look like this:

How To Play Halloween Bingo

  1. Cut up your call list which will be automatically printed as the last pages of your bingo cards. Short on time? You could also just read from the list in order to save time. Not quite as magical but it works.
  2. Print out your bingo cards and give one per player. If you chose to print 2 or 4 per page, you will need to cut them apart first.
  3. Reach into your magic pumpkin or cauldron and draw a word. Say it out loud, and have people mark it on their cards with a token.
  4. When a player reaches 5 words all in one row, or in one column, or on the diagonal, they should stand up and say “Bingo!” This means that they win. I like to give out a little prize like the first candied apple, or maybe the first crack at taking a chunk out of the family pumpkin if your children are already swimming in sugar.

Did You Enjoy Halloween Bingo?

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