Halloween Bingo Game

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays on the school calendar, principally since we (regrettably) don’t get the day off for it.  To celebrate, why not play some Halloween bingo with your kids?  You’ll need some Halloween bingo cards, which you can create online with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator.  If you only need a few of them, you can download eight here.

Rules for Halloween Bingo

1) Print out one card for each person who will be playing.  You can print them with Bingo Card Creator.

2)  Tell your players to mark the Free Space in the middle.

3) You’ll need some way to call the cards.  You can either print a call list and just read from top to bottom, or cut up one card and put the squares in a hat, then draw randomly from them.

4) Call one word at a time.  Your players should find that word, which could be anywhere on their card, and mark it as called.  (I prefer marking them with candy — that makes everyone a winner!)

5)  When someone completes a row, column, or diagonal, they should stand up and say “BINGO!”  That person wins.  You can keep playing through multiple winners.

Prizes for Halloween Bingo

Since children generally end up overeating candy around Halloween, I suggest you consider slightly more healthy prizes.  My two favorites are giving the winner the first go at bobbing for apples, or perhaps the first turn with helping to carve the jack o’lantern.

Bingo for any Occasion

Regardless of your lesson plan or event, you can make great word bingo games with Bingo Card Creator.  I encourage you to give it a try, either with the free download or the free online trial.  You’ll be up and running in seconds and the program is very, very easy to use.

Happy Halloween!

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